Metal Engineering Expo 2017 will be held in the Connecticut Convention Center in downtown Hartford, CT.

This area of the country is loaded with spring making, metal stamping, and wire forming manufacturers as well as a multiple of suppliers to this specific metallurgical industry. Actually, this area is so full of attendees and suppliers that SMI has agreed to have NESMA help us host the 2017 expo. NESMA has long been established in the region and we are honored having them as a co-host for the overall success of Metal Engineering Expo 2017. The SMI Tradeshow Committee is set and yes there are NESMA members on-board to help us find even greater success for this year’s event. But don’t be fooled into thinking that this is going to be a “regional” event.

Metal Engineering Expo 2017 is a global event. Our intent is to have the spectrum of our exhibitors be inclusive of as many international players as we find. Also on the show floor, be sure to look for those companies that will be participating in our Product Theater (located next to the SMI booth). These companies will be presenting the latest details and nuances that bring uniqueness to their equipment and product lines as well as industry trends that could better your business’ positioning.

Prepare to be educated and captive at the Metal Engineering Expo 2017 Technical Symposia, where you’ll find the sessions that are most critical to growing/improving/managing your business. The session line-up is still in development, so it’s not too late to submit great ideas for consideration. Reach out to our planning team by contacting SMI Headquarters. Be sure to keep checking back to this site to see the updates of topics of each of the Sessions being offered.

Networking is one of the primary features and benefits of Metal Engineering Expo. And one of the best places to experience that is at the Metal Engineering Expo/NESMA Evening Event. More details and tickets can be found under the Special Events header of this website.

SMI and NESMA want you to leave Hartford with fresh new concepts, newfound inspiration, motivation for your teams, and absolute bottom-line boosters. Our Team asks that you all please share this metallurgical event with industry piers, customers, and suppliers.

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See you in Hartford!


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