SMI Metal Engineering Expo Press Policy

As an official member of the press, you are invited to the SMI Metal Engineering Expo free of charge. Pre-registration is required.


An established news outlet must currently employ those who are requesting press credentials. Those eligible to receive press registration include:

  • Print and/or Online Publications, including bloggers;
  • Radio and/or Television Broadcast Teams, and;
  • Freelance Writers.

In order to process your request, please submit your name, title, publication, and e-mail, and documentation as outlined below—to Justin Graff at

Due to the nature of the event, all requests for press credentials must be received prior to the start of the event.

If any Press Members or interested publications should require additional or pre-tradeshow details, information on SMI, or looking to arrange any interviews with staff or board members while at SMI Metal Engineering Expo please send appropriate details to either of the names listed above.

Appropriate Documentation Requirements

Each individual seeking a press credential must provide one of the following three items to receive their badge at the event:

  • A business card with your editorial title from an established media outlet;
  • A current masthead that includes your name and editorial title, and/or;
  • Two bylined industry-related articles published within the last six months.

Please note that freelance writers are required to provide a current letter from an editor or publisher stating that you are covering the SMI Metal Engineering Expo on assignment in addition to the above requirements.