SMI Announces Call For Papers

The Spring Manufacturers Institute, has issued a “Call for Papers” to be presented at the SMI Technical Symposium and eXpo in the fall of 2015. This eXpo and symposium will be held in Charlotte, NC. Interested presenters (SMI members and non-members alike) may submit abstracts by e-mail to Lynne Carr, for consideration by the conference organizing committee.

Sufficient detail for fair evaluation of the proposed paper and presentation should be included along with an indication which of the following session(s) the presenter would prefer to participate in: New and upcoming materials or alloys, Automation/robotics, CNC repair and Diagnostics, Spring Manufacturing Setup Practices, Tooling Materials Selection, Stress Relieving, Coatings Science, Future Manufacturing Processes and Rapid Prototyping, Stress relieving “best practices” for various materials. Abstracts written in English are appreciated.

SMI Metal Engineering eXpo is designed to suit the needs of and advance the Industry of Spring Making and Wire Forming. The offerings are meant to provide information and learning opportunities to industry professionals, suppliers, customers, Floor Managers and Machinery Operators. The gathering offers a full spectrum of information on the latest business, technology and market trends and developments in the global Spring Making and Wire Forming industry.  Focusing on the science of all facets of this industry from design to manufacturing, this show promises to bring the latest technology and innovations to improve product quality, productivity and profitability. The show and symposium also provides an excellent forum for expert discussions, continuing education, networking opportunities and more.

Questions may be directed to Lynne Carr of the SMI via email for distribution to the planning committee.

The Call for Papers Deadline is September 1st, 2014.